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Domain Name Registrys- Abusive Practices Alerts

Network Solutions, The Monster Won't Go Away...

By now, most everyone has heard about Network Solutions' latest ploy to hold on to customers that don't want anything to do with the company. Apparently, all transfer requests (which are by rule confirmed with the domain owner prior to transmission to NSI) are now being confirmed a second time by NSI. Sometime after receiving the order, NSI sends the admin contact an email asking for confirmation. The problem arises in the fact that 1) as many as half of all of these emails aren't actually getting sent (a beautiful fact for NSI because one cannot prove that an email wasn't sent), leaving the admin contact no way to confirm the order, and 2) of those that are sent, the pattern appears to be to send it late on Friday afternoon (after a few hours of mysterious email delay, too) with a 3-day time limit, leaving the owner little or no time on Monday morning to confirm it. - Registry System Complaints Clearinghouse. Read up on Network Solutions/Verisgn's latest skullduggeries, and more...

12/02 Fed Court Acts Against Domain Renewal Fraud
"...Presiding Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, who noted [Domain Registry of America]'s executives had been previously convicted of various unlawful activities, and went on to state that the company's deceptive tactics were "neither accidental nor innocuous, but calculated and intended to confuse and mislead consumers."  (read news article)  (see our alert below)

8/02 Fed Court Investigates Verisign Domain Renewal Fraud
Numerous suits have been filed against Verisign also for the same fraudulent practices. (see below)   Read more

Alert: Unsolicited Renewal Offers From Third Parties

We would like to advise our clients of a business practice that is becoming common in the domain marketplace. With increasing frequency, companies are making unsolicited offers directed towards existing name registrants which are misleading at best, and can cause much mischief if you aren't careful.

A company will send a letter (sometimes email, sometimes postal) to a domain registrant thanking them for either registering, or renewing their domain name. The letter will also invite them, in language that suggests a prior business relationship exists with the soliciting company, to make some change to the domain, or to renew it, which would result in the name being transferred to the new organization.

If you do unintentionally transfer your name to another registrar, you will pay their annual registration fee for the transfer. If you want to move it back, it will cost another year's registration, and, depending on the business practices of the registrar which snatched it from you, it may be difficult to regain control of the name without a significant hassle. -DomainProject

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